Ground Fault Testing

Don’t Let An Electrical Inspector Delay Your Project

As an Electrical Contractor you have an electrical project to complete. Is your electrical testing company
0_0_0_0_106_98_csupload_43250677 keeping up with your schedule? To stay competitive in today’s fast-paced electrical construction world, it’s crucial to plan for your ground fault testing to not only keep pace with – but to enhance – your project completion.

Industrial Tests has extensive experience in state-of-the-art electrical testing, ground fault and earth ground resistance testing. We can design a step-by-step, cost-effective electrical testing plan for you to achieve optimum ongoing productivity for your company.    Industrial Tests is a full member of the National Electrical Testing Association.

We offer:

  • Ground Fault Testing (per NEC 230.95)
  • Earth Ground Resistance Test
  • Fall of Potential Test
  • Two Point Test
  • Three Point Test
  • Four Point Test
  • NEC Codes Compliance
  • Grounding Test
  • Substation Grid Testing
  • Soil Testing
  • Grid Connectivity
  • Eufer Ground
  • Circuit Breaker Load Testing
  • Transformer Testing
  • Cable Testing
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Shop Repair

Ground Fault Testing Services We Perform

Ground Resistance Test...

Why ground? Poor grounding not only contributes tounnecessary downtime, but a lack of goodgrounding is also dangerous and increasesthe risk of equipment failure.Without an effective grounding system,we could be exposed to the risk of electricshock, not to mention instrumentation errors,harmonic distortionMore...

NEC Ground Fault Protection...

Ground fault protection is equipment protection from the effects of groundfaults. The National Electrical CodeR (NECR ) has specific ground fault equipment protection requirements in 215.10, 230.95, 240.13 and 517.17.  Ground fault relays (or sensors) are used to sense low magnitude groundfaults.  WhenMore...

Ground Fault Protection...

  Two types of ground-fault protection are required by the Code: ground-fault circuit interrupter protection (GFCI) and ground-fault protection of equipment (GFPE). A ground-fault circuit interrupter is intended to protect persons against shock and electrocution. As implied by its name, ground-faultMore...

About Industrial Tests, Inc.

Industrial Tests, Inc. provides full service electrical testing and maintenance services for industrial, commercial and municipal clients. From our main office in California, we serve clients nationwide including power plants and substations, wind and solar plants, petro-chemical and manufacturing plants, military and defense, data centers, hospitals, water treatment plants and anywhere where high power electricity is utilized. We perform a variety of services including:

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